Share a Story Competition

Everyone has a story to share – so what’s yours?

CITV and First Light offered young people aged 5-12 the chance to have their short story turned into a short animation!

The winners will spend a day at CITV directing their animators and doing their very own voiceover, and to top it off, the winning animations will be shown on the CITV channel!!

Are you ready to share your story?

This year’s Share-a-Story competition launched on 7th March 2013.

Entry forms and storyboard templates are available from the ITV website or as downloads on the right.


For inspiration

For inspiration, tips and advice on creating your storyboard, download an Ideas Pack from the link on the right hand side of the page.


The deadline for entries is 5pm on Friday 19th April 2013.

Terms and conditions

Entrants must be 5-12 years old and live in the UK
A parent or guardian’s consent is required to enter
Submitted stories cannot be returned
For full terms and conditions click here

Last year, First Light ran a competition in connection with CITV to find great storyboards to make into animations. The response was fantastic and the story boards have now been made into fully formed animations.

You can see last year’s animations here.

You can still download the Share a Story pack on the right for great hints and tips – so carry on being creative.

See some other inspirational animations below.


  • Can You Teach a Worm to Tango?

    PLAY What does this mean?

    After her mother leaves them a little girl’s father becomes obsessed with teaching worms to do the tango. The little girl is neglected and cannot get her father to pay her any attention. Whilst playing with matches the little girl sets fire to her house. She runs away into the forest where she meets a talking worm who might just be able to save her and her father.
    Length 04’ 21”
    Age 5-11

  • Lights Out!

    PLAY What does this mean?

    How can the local Orkney seals possible get any sleep with that lighthouse glaring all night? This charming claymation film follows the seal’s quest to switch off the lighthouse light, with a little help from friends seagull and the lighthouse cat.
    Length 04’ 55”
    Aged 11 – 14

  • Mary and the Miners

    PLAY What does this mean?

    It’s 1841 and Mary Watkins is 10 years old and works in a coalmine. She takes us through her day, introducing us to her friend and three brothers who work in the mine alongside their father. This beautifully crafted animation was based on the real life testimonies of child miners in the 19th century.
    Length 05’ 56”
    Aged 10-11