Young Filmmakers Organise FGM Conference

Silent Scream

National Conference to Raise Awareness

14 July at University of Bristol

A short while ago, First Light funded Integrate Bristol to work with young people to produce a drama documentary about female genital mutulation. The film, Silent Scream went on to win The Young Voice Award at the First Light Awards 2012, and the young women received a commendation from Avon and Somerset Police and have been nominated for several other awards.

The young women involved showed outstanding courage and determination in addressing this issue and have worked hard within their communities to change perceptions and give a voice to those who had previously felt unable to speak on the subject.

The filmmaking process gave the young women the skills and confidence to continue to raise awareness of the issue by organising a national campaign and a conference on the subject. The event will be attended by young people, medical practitioners, members of the police force, policy makers and community representatives.

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the topic and the conference (to be held on 14 July at University of Bristol, School of Chemistry) will examine the law and medical and ethical issues surrounding the practice.

The young people have been instrumental in organising the conference. They have researched, collated and writen resources for delegates, identified and invited speakers and they will be very visible throughout the day.

Silent Scream will be screened at the conference and it is hoped that the film will make an ongoing contribution to raising awareness and stopping the practice once and for all.

Further information on the work of the young people and the conference can be found on Integrate Bristol website.

You can watch an interview on the with student Mina Hussain and Project Manager Lisa Zimmerman about their reasons for organising the conference on the This is Bristol website.