Second Light trainee talks about his role in Skyfall crew

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Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy from Glasgow was one of our original Second Light trainees in 2010. With our help and support he was given an opportunity that thousands of other young hopefuls would die for, working at Pinewood Studios as a Production Assistant on the new James Bond film Skyfall.

We caught up with him as the film is about to be released, to ask him about his experience, and what he’s up to next.

Could you tell us a bit more about your role on Skyfall?

Day-to-day in the production office would be a mix of paperwork, helping out other people in the offices next to us, then running back and forth between set – really, we would be assisting in any way that we could to whoever needed it. You grow close with a lot of the crew that way, I found myself doing a lot of liasing with the camera department for example! You try to make yourself the go-to for all departments.

What’s your highlight of working on Skyfall?

The back-and-forth that you built with the crew over the ten months I spent is something I hold quite close.

Were there any obstacles to overcome during the filmmaking process?

Plenty! It was a long shoot for everyone – long hours, many things in flux, lots of meetings – but it required us to get our heads down and pull through it. And having seen Skyfall, I have to say it really was worth it!

What are your plans now? Do you have anything else lined up?

I’m on a Disney film called Maleficent until the end of November and then I’m back to freelancing, throwing my CV wherever I can and calling up people. If that fails, I’d love to have a wee break but we’ll see how it goes!

Daniel also says:

Being a Second Light apprentice has allowed me to experience challenges and opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have known how to reach. I’m extremely grateful to be given the chance to work on Bond 23.

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