Met Film School’s Top Tips for Young Filmmakers

Met Film School’s Top Tips for Young Filmmakers:

1. Get involved in as many creative projects as you can, either at school, independently or by joining external film groups

2. Don’t be afraid to just give it a go i.e. start writing scripts, shooting pieces on a cheap camera, experimenting with editing software online

3. Be proactive in taking filmmaking courses and seeking internships/work experience with production companies

4. Watch as many films as you can and watch the DVD extras to find out more about how they were made

Met Film School Young Filmmaker Programmes:

Met Film School is London’s leading provider of practical filmmaking programmes, based at Ealing Studios. They offer a range of courses for young filmmakers aged between 14 – 17 years old. Each course teaches practical, technical, and creative skills to passionate filmmakers, from Young Filmmakers Academy, which takes place during the summer holidays, Young Filmmakers Workshop, taking place on various weekends throughout the year, and their brand new programme, Met Summer Camp, a supervised, residential workshop.

Met Film School aim to provide a total immersion into the world of filmmaking supported at every stage by industry professionals. Students can try their hand at a variety of different roles, from directing to editing and everything in between. Fun and challenging, their programmes demand full commitment and hard work, often under significant time pressure. It is an opportunity to develop great filmmaking skills and build relationships with like-minded young filmmakers, whilst enjoying a richly rewarding and unforgettable experience. Further information on Met Film School can be found in their prospectus, which details information on all Young Filmmaker programmes including course content, fees, and start dates.

If you would like to arrange a one to one consultation and tour around Met Film School’s facilities at Ealing Studios, or would like more information on courses, you can contact their Enrolments Department on (+44) 0208 2809119. They will provide you with an up-to-date idea of availability and talk you through the application process.