Two Men and Their Ponies

Documentary , Films by over 13s

  • Production organisation Flycatcher Films Ltd
  • Date completed 10 August 2006
  • Location Monmouthshire
  • Region Wales

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This is the story of the Welsh mountain ponies, told from the point of view of a local recluse, Paul, who is a leading ecologist and former ballet-dancer. Having hung-up his ballet-shoes, Paul now spends his time in the mountains riding mountain bikes which he says is “the best way to see the ponies”. This creative documentary aims to explore the ancient bond between man and pony and acknowledge the special place the mountain pony has in the heritage and landscape of Wales.
Length 04’ 56”
Aged 16-18

Comments on Two Men and Their Ponies

  1. Lovely photos of? the most beautiful ponies ever. What is the opening music?


  2. The opening music is by Devin Lawton recorded by Caerphilly Male Voice Choir.?


  3. The opening music is by Devin Lawton recorded by? Caerphilly Male Voice Choir.


  4. What a shame they? are so over bred and end up on the meat mans lorry, poor creatures.

    Pauline Smith

  5. I? have a welsh mountain pony called levi


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