Spaghetti Tree

Animation , Films by under 12s

The First Light Awards 2013 - Best Film by Under 12s nominee

  • Production organisation Stocksbridge Nursery Infant School
  • Date completed 14 March 2012
  • Location Sheffield
  • Region Yorkshire & Humberside

PLAY What does this mean?

After insisting spaghetti grows on trees, a cheeky crow listens to the words of a wise scarecrow as he explains where spaghetti really comes from.
Length 03’ 02”
Aged 6-7

Comments on Spaghetti Tree

  1. Wow! What an amazing film, well done everyone involved in this project. It looks amazing, what an ambitious scheme. The movement is fantastic.

    Natalie Deane

  2. This is a fantastic, a lot of hard work went into making this film. I'm very proud of my son and his school friends. A big well done to you all.

    Karen Ford

  3. one proud mum. well done to my son and friends. you should all be really proud of yourselves.

    nicola Taylor

  4. Well done to my daughter, Ellie, and her school friends who made this film. It's an incredible proud of you. Xxxxx

    Sarah gill

  5. Well done Holly and all her friends - awesome film and the nomination is well deserved xxx

    Laura Cowan

  6. Well done Jacob and all your friends for such a good production hope you win xxx

    yvonne graham

  7. well done everyone!
    I'm especially proud of my nephew for his part in making this, great job Billy


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