The Sadness of King George

Animation , Films by under 12s

  • Production organisation Dorchester Arts
  • Date completed 27 April 2011
  • Location Dorchester
  • Region South West

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When Weymouth’s 2012 Olympic sailing events are threatened by disaster, only one man can save the day but he’s been dead for a long time.
Length 3’
Aged 9-10

Comments on The Sadness of King George

  1. I love this film, and the children loved making it even more! It means so much to them all and will be one of those life changing moments in a child's life; hopefully I'll be watching more of their work on the big screen in years to come. Huge thanks to all who made this possible.

    Craig Holloway

  2. Im one of the kids who made the film and it was awsome all the annimating was awsome mrs powell mr neisbit sharon molly mickey nick beard and mr holloway help us a lot and i am really greatful for them to have picked us i hope all the kids out there in other schools in the uk get to do some annimating in there school life. mr holloway if you read the message you rock you are the best teacher in the world and ill miss you greatly when i move thank you for all your help making this incredible film.

    lucy xxx


  3. I was one of the kids who helped animate it and I just wanted to say a GREAT BIG thank you to Sharon, Alistair, Nick and Mr Holloway for making this once in a lifetime opportunity worth the while! After this I hope to go on to film making after all the amazing step by step, picture by picture film. Thanks again for helping us. Even though I am going on to my secondary school, I will remember the two weeks I spent Making The Sadness of King George.


  4. hi me and my best friend emily were part of this amazing project! miss u guys sooo much and i wish i could do it again!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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