The Race


The First Light Awards 2012 - Best Drama sponsored by Ingenious nominee

  • Production organisation The Greenhouse Multicultural Play & Arts Project
  • Date completed 07 October 2011
  • Location Liverpool
  • Region North West

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Neil and David met at nursery school. There was something different about Neil but David liked him, even though he often got himself into a bad temper. Neil knew that because of his condition eventually they would part company but David vowed that they would always remain best friends.
Length 8’ 47”
Aged 5-13

Comments on The Race

  1. We loved your story about David and Neil and their great friendship. We enjoyed singing along to your fantastic song.

    St Albans Primary School

  2. I really really really really loved this film it just shows what its like to have a true best friend no matter what is wrong with them they are still your true best friend no matter what comes between them and it shows what life is like when you have a disability like Neils and is also very informative also what lifes about when you leave primary school this film is now one of the best i have whatched .

    ashleigh samson

  3. Really enjoyed this film the children were amazing could even be a actors in the future David really was one of the main actors and really acted it out brilliant and Neil was a really great friend The sound track even got me singing what a lovely story. It was a beautiful story.

    Adele samson

  4. I really enjoyed the story and the song was good too.

    Taneisaha Samson

  5. i was in this movie and i really loved filming it ! i was the girl in the pink headband !!!

    Rheam Al-saied

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