The Perry Pigger Show

5 out of 5 stars


  • Production organisation Abraham Moss High School
  • Date completed 02 September 2005
  • Location Manchester
  • Region North West

“What a swine of a show we’ve got for you today”, beams the host of the Perry Pigger show as he calms his audience’s chants of, “Perry…Perry…Perry.” The audience is made up of a mix of pigs and humans and, as the lights go down, the spotlight falls on Susie.

Susie needs a heart transplant to save her life but is having to wait for a suitable donor. Perry then introduces someone who could help called Roger…who’s a pig.

Later we hear from Doctor Porkins who outlines some of the science.

The comic elements of the plot and the jokes about people being ‘pig-headed’ are mixed in with serious points about the ethics of cross-species transplantation and practical issues such as organ rejection.

Comments on The Perry Pigger Show

  1. I used this with a BTEC Applied Science class. I loved it - what raised a lot of the issues and simplified the science. Here are some of my students' comments. They are older (age 17+) and as I had really enjoyed the video I thought they would too, even though it is aimed at KS4. Thank you for this resource!

    “I thought that your animation was entertaining yet informative and would be good to show to pupils in secondary schools. Good luck!”

    “Had a lot of good information and was very funny.”

    “The cartoon would help raise the issue to younger children/teenagers about xenotransplantation. It also raises awareness that major transplants are an issue for children too.”

    “Great wee show (smiley face). Easy to understand. The cartoons were a great idea to get the message across. Putting pigs hearts into people is a good idea, I think as it will save many lives (smiley face).”

    “It was funny. It had a lot of information.”

    “One of the characters looked like my teacher and made it really funny. The character Suzy was cute (smiley face). I loved the mix of humans and talking animals in the video. It was really cool (smiley face). Thank you. It shows ethics with science at the same time (smiley face).

    “I believe the material is described in good detail for its target audience.”

    “Very good production for GCSE age people. I like how its cartoonized as it would appeal to younger people and inform them of the xenotransplantation. Very good! (smiley face)”

    “The material is explained well and in detail for an audience of a younger age group.”


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