The Caretakers

Films by over 13s , Horror , Thriller

  • Production organisation Kino Screen Ltd
  • Date completed 20 December 2005
  • Location Manchester
  • Region North West

STOP What does this mean?

First Light Movies Awards 2007 Nominated for Best Horror

Charlie goes for a job as a cleaner in a local building but when she turns up for the interview she finds an empty, spooky old building. Furthermore a mysterious voice guides her to the office where the interview becomes deadly. Using classic suspense techniques, a zombie horror is created.
Length 07’ 19”
Aged 16-18

Comments on The Caretakers

  1. interesting underwater breath hold at? the beginning, how long were you underwater for


  2. Really well shot. Great location!?


  3. The main gimmick is a good one, but the rest of movie drowns in horror cliche`s. The fake-almost-drowning thing in the bathtub has been done 1000 times. Having a bunch of people suddenly appear (drowned?)? for no reason, especially when the pool isn't filled, doesn't make sense. The main character is way too stupid to get much audience sympathy.


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