The Box

4 out of 5 stars

Drama , Films by over 13s

The First Light Awards 2011 - Winner of Best Film by Over 13s

  • Production organisation Watershed Media Centre
  • Date completed 03 February 2010
  • Location Bristol

PLAY What does this mean?

This short drama is a tight observation of family life during the recession. Shot in one single living room, we see the ebb and flow of family life reflected in some pivotal moments through a particularly difficult time. However the digital hearth remains a constant source of comfort.
Length 05’ 00”
Aged 14-19

Comments on The Box

  1. Excellent film! A great insight into the modern family affected by the recession. Well done!

    Roger McTierney

  2. A very relatable portrayal of family life. Quite surreal watching real life through a television, is this a contrast to reality television? Good work....

    georgia platt

  3. A great concept, brilliantly filmed. Perfect format for its running time and fab storytelling.

    Claire L

  4. This young film maker will go far. A warm and witty depiction of life in front of the "The box" . I loved it.

    Hazel Riggall

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