Sue's Story


  • Production organisation Old Museum Arts Centre
  • Date completed 04 May 2010
  • Location Belfast
  • Region Northern Ireland

PAUSE What does this mean?

Sue feels very uncomfortable when Peter moves in, her mum’s new boyfriend. She tries talking to her mum but she just doesn’t get it. With a nagging doubt in the back Sue’s mind, she soon discovers that her gut instinct was right & her worst fears a reality. She must do anything to protect her family and get Peter out of the house.
Length 10’ 04”
Age 10-17

Comments on Sue's Story

  1. Excellent storyline, great acting, very well done to Holly and the rest of the cast

    jennifer nicholl

  2. Wow! Great idea for a thriller and amazing of first light to take on an idea of that adult subject matter... like any good short it left me annoyed it was a short film and not longer - although partly cause the ending leaves a lot to? be concluded!
    On a technical note the lines in the movement are due to the film needing deinterlacing...


  3. Not bad considering it was made by people so young. Good work.


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