Sticks and Stones

Documentary , Films by over 13s

The First Light Awards 2012 - The Young Voice Award nominee

  • Production organisation Outreach Youth
  • Date completed 14 June 2011
  • Location London
  • Region London

PLAY What does this mean?

With a sensitive voice-over, this touching docu-drama illustrates how, in just a few words someone can crush confidence and self-esteem. However just as quickly, in a few words you can also reach out to someone.
Length 05’
Filmmakers Aged 15-25

Comments on Sticks and Stones

  1. excellant

    Kate hawkridge

  2. Well done, very well put together video, about a very strong subject.
    Hug's to you all !

    J. Rushton

  3. This made me cry. It was a very powerful and thought provoking film and so very very true. If only this could be broadcast to more kids to show them how words can be so harmful.

    Well done

    bridget connell

  4. A very powerful & poignant short film, excellently made. This relly made me stop & think. A worthy nominee.

    Ann Graham

  5. Excellent , professional film., and should be used by all schools to promote respect. Well done to you all.

    Elaine Bathe

  6. Very good - it does what it set out to do!

    Gill henden

  7. Very powerful message! Well done to them all, very well put together, and makes you stop and think how your actions and words can impact people's lives.

    Maria vincent

  8. This? is a good video :) x


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