• Production organisation Glasgow Media Access Centre (GMAC)
  • Date completed 11 June 2012
  • Location Glasgow
  • Region Scotland

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Matt stargazes, searching the sky every night looking for signs of his departed wife. Keeping him company is his plucky companion, Jockie the dog. Matt is planning a surprise for his Grandson Tony. Overnight something changes; Will Tony ever find out what his Grandfather had planned?
Length 07’ 06”
Aged 10-22

Comments on Stargazer

  1. Brilltasticly good but sad


  2. more genuine emotion in 7 minutes than any recent hollywood movie


  3. hell? good!

    Dave Farran

  4. hell? good!

    Dave Farran

  5. More genuine emotion in 7 minutes than any recent Hollywood attempt. All
    the more remarkable considering it was made by a group of kids (some
    disabled) from Glasgow.

    Scott Marshall

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