Silent Scream

Documentary , Films by over 13s

The First Light Awards 2012 - Winner of The Young Voice Award

  • Production organisation Integrate Bristol
  • Date completed 07 September 2011
  • Location Bristol
  • Region South West

STOP What does this mean?

This ground breaking and compelling short drama documentary highlights the myths and misconceptions that appear to justify the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM). Yasmin, a female living in Bristol, is trying to persuade her mother not to put her sister through FGM.
Length 10’
Aged 6-17

Comments on Silent Scream

  1. Fantastic achievement!


  2. An important film on a sensitive issue. Well done to all involved and good luck with getting this to an even wider audience

    David Barnes

  3. Not only a great film about an important subject, but also the result of an important opportunity for those kids to gain experience in something that may not have been available to them before.


  4. Excellent, what a brilliant project to promote awareness of an issue that I am sure has been neglected.


  5. Amazing... Great to see this issue come to the surface!

    Greg Saunders

  6. A very informative film with a very powerful message.

    Sophie Engel

  7. Very inspirational...I didn't know it happened!


  8. I saw this film in Bristol when it was first being shown, it's really powerful and addresses an issue that really needs to be dealt with. The girls who made it are very brave - well done to them all


  9. Good luck ladies.

    Christine Townsend

  10. I think the women who made this documentary are an absolute inspiration. Not enough is being done to put an end to this disgraceful practise, which is proven by the fact that there has been no known prosecution to date in this country. This subject needs to be brought to the public's attention and I sincerely hope that this documentary succeeds in doing just that. I am extremely impressed at what these young women have achieved considering they had no previous media or film making experience. The documentary is incredibly well made, sensitive yet hard-hitting and informative. It is credit to all involved.

    Kerry Balchin

  11. Brilliant.


  12. A really sensitively made film about a subject which needs to be better understood

    Sara Davies

  13. Congratulations to all involved! This is a fantastic achievement.


  14. Brilliant work girls, your courage is inspirational.


  15. Amazing film, deals with complex issues of FGM well. It's great that young women have the opportunity to discuss these issues and speak out. Good luck at the awards ceremony!


  16. This is such a powerful film, coming from the viewpoint of the young girl. I hope it will be seen by as many people as possible who are involved in the whole complex issue.


  17. Just managed to watch all of this after seeing a clip of it at the awards. What an amazing piece of film making. This should be seen everywhere, raising awareness.


  18. Well done to the film-makers, producers and voting panel. ?


  19. Well done to the film-makers, producers and voting panel. ?


  20. Well done to the film-makers, producers and voting panel. ?


  21. This important film has opened my eyes to? the familial pressures that can lead to girls being cut, and how difficult it can be for parents to resist the power of tradition. These girls are British citizens and they deserve the same protection as everyone else. I saw this mentioned on Newsnight recently, it's excellent to see that it has had such an impact. It's only through efforts like this to publicize the issue that the government will get involved.


  22. that is not a culture it was something? in the history noboday is doing because it is crime,
    you can enage the communities, don't trying to harm..

    said Burale

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