Not just A Diagnosis

Experimental , Films by over 13s

The First Light Awards 2013 - Winner of Best Film by Over 13s

  • Production organisation Ideal Films Ltd
  • Date completed 27 June 2012
  • Location Swindon
  • Region South West

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A young woman finds herself in a nightmare world where her feelings of being branded because of her mental health issues are made very real. Can she find the strength to break the cycle?
Length 03’
Aged 13-19

Comments on Not just A Diagnosis

  1. Great film, powerful imagery, powerful message.

    Paul Dobson

  2. Absolutely loved taking part in this, the end product looks amazing!


  3. Excellent-powerful & punchy with such an important message for everybody because we all have mental health.


  4. kyra? is so beautiful


  5. kyra? is so beautiful


  6. Was so lucky to? be apart of this!


  7. Was so lucky to? be apart of this!


  8. You did a great job Amy!! Looking forward to seeing? you at the Awards on Tuesday!

    Sherylee Anne Houssein

  9. This is a super amazing video! I love the concept of it! Working to break down stigma of mental health that young people face, I will defo point people to this video!

    Laura Brian

  10. Absolutely true! Great job to break through the stigma that many young people suffer! I am working in this field and sometimes cannot belief how uninformed some people are! Well done I will share this film with more people.

    Mari-Elna Louw

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