Mary and the Miners

5 out of 5 stars

Animation , Documentary , Films by under 12s

  • Production organisation Flycatcher Films Ltd
  • Date completed 23 January 2009
  • Location Abergavenny
  • Region Wales

PLAY What does this mean?

It’s 1841 and Mary Watkins is 10 years old and works in a coalmine. She takes us through her day, introducing us to her friend and three brothers who work in the mine alongside their father. This beautifully crafted animation was based on the real life testimonies of child miners in the 19th century.
Length 05’ 56”
Aged 10-11

Comments on Mary and the Miners

  1. An excellent film. Brings a tear to my eye every time I watch it.
    Good luck at the awards.

    Martha Stephens

  2. Wow! This is a beautiful film. Well done everyone!

    Mark and Helen Pritchard

  3. Amazing movie. Well Done :)

    Krishan Gandhi

  4. I really enjoyed watching this. It was all so impressive. Well done and good luck.

    Anne Marie McKigney

  5. Very good movie , i really enjoyed watching it. 10/10 :)

    Catherine Pugh

  6. Brilliant film! Need I say anymore.

    Carolyn Duguid

  7. great film watched it loads!!!!!
    you done a great job well done!!!
    good luck in the awards!!!!!

    lauren c

  8. This is such a lovely film and really captures the life that many children had down the mines. It made me cry! Well done Cantref and good luck at the awards.

    Cathi Bolster

    Cathi Bolster

  9. A fantastic film. Amazing animation and a wonderful window into a bit of Welsh history that is often forgotten. Good luck at the awards.


  10. This is a lovely film - well done!


  11. Very nice film well done Cantref & martha


  12. Very nice film welldone


  13. 10 out of 10 good luck


  14. fantastic better than all of the others.

    bobby george

  15. Supberb, these children have done a fantastic job.

    mike ford

  16. Well done to all the chiildren who created this film. It is fantastic. Also well done to Martha for giving them the opportunity!

    claire coulton

  17. we WON!

    Nia Gandhi

  18. We are the champions !!!WOOP WOOP
    Thanks mrs stephens

    james coulton

  19. I am so proud of you all...well done to everyone who was involved! Martha, you are a truely talented person - amazing! :)

    Georgina Morgan

  20. Congratulations/Llongyfarchiadau on winning the award! I'm a historian who has written books about women and girls working in the coal mining industry in the 19c and I am very impressed by the innovative approach taken here. It's a great way to help young people understand what went on in the early 1840s and how quickly children had to grow up.
    The animation is excellent and it's beautifully told and sung by 'Mary' and all the others.

    Angela V. John

  21. Congratulations Year 6 at Cantref this is a powerful and beautiful film.

    Katrina Gass

  22. Very moving and thought-provoking. The film holds intense interest through the sheer simple portrayal of this shocking scenario in our history. Well done to all especially the children involved in every aspect.

    Claire Weiss

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