Lottery Good Causes & A Day in the Life of Eddie

3 out of 5 stars

Animation , Documentary

  • Production organisation Brighton & Hove Young Carers
  • Date completed 07 October 2009
  • Location Brighton
  • Region South

The National Lottery Good causes unit and Endemol UK work in partnership to create short films illustrating how and where Lottery money is spent. These films highlight how important this money is to the lives of many people all over the UK.

This year they teamed up with a group of young carers from Brighton as they made their way up to London for this year’s Activision First light Movies Awards. The group had been given Lottery money through First Light to make a short animation called A Day in the Life of Eddie. They were nominated for Best Animation and won! Watch & see their delight as the winner is announced…

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  1. We need to see films like this picked up and broadcast by a major terrestrial channel . C4 or BBC must be running seasons when major social issues are featured?? this is a direct , first hand, emotional response to a particular issue as I'm sure are many of the other themes. I hope there is a producer at Frst Light who's principle role is to get these films commissioned by broadcaster /cinema programmer and then seen by the viewing public.

    Carole Crane

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