Life on the Edge

Drama , Films by over 13s

  • Production organisation Newport City Council Arts Development
  • Date completed 30 October 2008

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This serious drama explores the complex issue of arranged marriage within the Asian community in Britain, entwining two different scenarios. Sixth formers Aleesha and Kashif are friends who have to deal with family pressure, social demands and true love. Both face questions about their culture and identity. However, whilst one accepts and embraces tradition, the other rails against it.
Length 10’ 13”
Aged 14-18

Comments on Life on the Edge

  1. Congratulations to everyone involved. Really engaging and convincing. I work with mostly Bangladeshi young people and this will provide an excellent basis for discussion on a hole range of issues.

    Angelique Gainza

  2. They? don't have an American accent

    Nai Na

  3. They? don't have an American accent

    Nai Na

  4. They are welsh, lmfao.?


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