Land of the Rabbits

5 out of 5 stars


  • Production organisation Twin Vision
  • Date completed 07 April 2010
  • Location Liverpool
  • Region North West

PLAY What does this mean?

Queen Bubbles & her alien friends are starving because carrot crunching rabbits ate all the food ages ago. They must go back in time & tell the rabbits not to be so greedy. However the rabbits have Super Bat Ears and Vinco the Knight to look after them & Queen Bubbles is distracted from her mission by the amorous two-headed unicorn.
Length 05’ 21”
Age 5-15

Comments on Land of the Rabbits

  1. Great Animation!!! Well done!!!

    sue chappell

  2. wow it is just amazing, how did you make all those models and sets, just so imaginative and great fun. Well done to everyone involved in its creation.


  3. Awsome film peoplesss xxxxxx :D

    Ella Dalton

  4. well done Paul x

    marilyn glennon

  5. My three year old daughter watches this over and over again she loves it!
    Such talented children!!


  6. brilliant!


  7. Great work well done guys :)


  8. be scared wallis and grommit the land of the rabbits have landed fantastic well done kids x

    patsi crawford

  9. Colourful, fun and imaginative. WELL DONE EVERYONE!


  10. Nice one buddy!!


  11. Excellent animation, great to see young peoples imagination, fantastic story wonderfully made.


  12. very good well done , it is really clever


  13. love this film watched it lots of times well done to all involved.


  14. Characters are amazing lots of fun to watch. Queen Bubbles and the greedy Rabbits are a delight .

    Dawn Fletcher

  15. I thought this was brilliant well done everyone, loved every minute of it.


  16. This is brilliant !!!!
    It could be on tv - it is so good!
    Love Queen Bubbles!!!!!!!!! :-) well done :-) x


  17. Very well done!! How cute are the children's voices on this?! Keep up the good work!!

    Donna Price

  18. Well done everyone! This is great :)

    Diane :)

  19. Well done to all who are part of this; it is brilliant! Really like Queen Bubbles! When is the next installment?!

    Mike Cooke

  20. excellent work, keep it up kids :-)


  21. mmm I lurrrve carrots too!! Well done to all involved :)


  22. loved making the move and loved watching hope we win keep commenting :D

    faye :D

  23. Well done Paul I know how much hard work you have put in to this project, and the pleasure that it gave you all. GOOD LUCK

    Colette & Pauline LCAD

  24. Great Animation... I love it!! :D

    Anthony W

  25. Brilliant!! xx


  26. Fantastic animation :-)


  27. Well done guys, a truly Oscar worthy film and truly amazing work that you're doing. Good luck, you deserve to win!!

    Helen MacBryde

  28. This is wonderful! Well done to all of you!


  29. well don its brilliant loved it so much lots of hard work has gon into it .Apleasure to look at.excellent work you and thelovely children god bless norah


  30. brilliant animation !!

    faye :)

  31. Queen bubbles is loooovely. This is child's play. well done all

    didi cooper

  32. Wonderful work - Sue Potts

    sue potts

  33. I thought the film was fantastic. well done

    Denise McKinlay

  34. Wow! That was brilliant. I absolutely love real animation. Can't wait to get home tonight to show this to my daughter. I can't decide if my favourite character was Queen Bubbles or the Super Bat Ears! I'm sure that some people would be very happy if carrots did disappear for real!

    Jules Hutton

  35. I thought it was great. Well done, you are all so talented.

    Janet Matthews

  36. fab film - really enjoyed it!!


  37. Loved it, well done and good luck!!!


  38. I think Wallace and Grommit have got some competition!! Fab movie, well done


  39. Brilliant work well don!! really entertaining and enjoyable.

    Kim Ryan

  40. Beautiful


  41. Kids, you have done a wonderful job working together . It must have been alot of hard work because the film is so well done. My favourite characters were the bat ears. My little grandson will love this so I can't wait to show him . Congratulations on a job well done. Cheers and best wishes, Carmel

    Carmel Duke

  42. Such a happy and fun film Congratulations to everyone. A real winner


  43. awesome work! Love it. well done!


  44. How lovely to see the childrens' own immagination unfold this beautifully crafted annimation. Well done to everyone involved. Please continue and keep up the good work. I sincerely hope you all get the recognition you deserve.

    Amy Davies

  45. Oh WOW how fab is this??!!
    I just love this animation you can just feel the excitment of the children who made this file coming through! Queen Bubbles is the best! What a good name and a funny Queen lol x x Well done to all who made this x

    Clare Hart

  46. Hey Guys and Dolls,

    This was fab, I thoroughly enjoyed it, the hardwork that went into this production really shows through, Queen Bubbles and the Unicorn and all the characters were great. Cant wait for part two.xxxxx
    Well done everyone.xxxxxx

    Joanne Maddison

  47. Hey Guys and Dolls,

    This was fab, I thoroughly enjoyed it, the hardwork that went into this production really shows through, Queen Bubbles and the Unicorn and all the characters were great. Cant wait for part two.xxxxx
    Well done everyone.xxxxxx

    Joanne Maddison

  48. Wow how fab! Everyone has worke so hard well done x x

    Miss C

  49. abs fantastic xxx


  50. loved this well done guys its so good! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  51. Well done Faye and Co, brilliant creativity!! Loved it xx

    Kay Colleran

  52. Just heard about this on the Sean Styles show on Radio Merseyside. Firstly a superb well done to the children and staff at Alder Hay who produced this film. It's really inspirational to see such positivity coming out of adversity. Brilliant work, deserves to be rewarded with an accolade!

    simon adams

  53. Well done to all the children who worked on Land of the Rabbits. Abi who played Dibber Dabber really enjoyed it and thanks to Twinvision who made the project so much fun for all the kids.

    Abi's Mum

    Sarah Shone

  54. brill!! it was sooooo fun making it thanks a bunch leila and paul!!! :D love it!!


  55. Brilliant, can't wait for the sequel.


  56. To all the children & young people,

    The workyou have done with Twin Vision is fantastic! You put us all to shame. I hope your hard work is rewarded! X


  57. Well done - Brilliant work! So proud of you all! xxxxxx

    Adele Hoskison-Clark

  58. i really loved making the film :D:D=333333

    queen bubles

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