Keep It Real

5 out of 5 stars


  • Date completed 09 November 2010

The Grierson Trust and First Light commissioned BAFTA nominated Daisy Asquith to produce an inspiraional short film about documentary filmmaking and its capacity to reach out and involve young people.
Length 2’ 50”

Click here to watch another film by Daisy Asquith made for BBC Blast with Andy Glynne about making a documentary.

Comments on Keep It Real

  1. Really enjoyed this little film; I learned lots from it and I've been making documentaries for ages! It's also a great teaching tool, and a brilliant way of introducing the idea of a documentary film to a bunch of young people who haven't even thought of making one, and wouldn't know how to go about taking a lead on it creatively. Well done!

    Zan Barberton

  2. a really good pacey uplifting promo for the documentary format of storytelling, could encourage all kinds of people with all kinds of stories to tell.


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