Justin & The Priceless Vase

Comedy , Films by over 13s

  • Production organisation Arpeggio Films Ltd
  • Date completed 11 April 2012
  • Location Newscastle Upon Tyne
  • Region North East

PLAY What does this mean?

Two guests at Hotel Talk To The Hand are causing mayhem by playing tennis in their room with anything they can find including a priceless vase left by a previous guest. It’s up to Justin to stop it!
Length 03’ 05”
Aged 16-19

Comments on Justin & The Priceless Vase

  1. Well done everyone. Made me laugh out? loud.


  2. Well done everyone. Made me laugh out? loud.


  3. Well done everyone. Made me laugh out? loud.


  4. Have just seen? this today at Bang! Short Film Festival.. I think this was brilliant, so funny! Is there going to be a 'Justin' series? DVD possibility?

    Andrew Anderson

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