It's Not The Dinners...

5 out of 5 stars

Documentary , Films by under 12s

The First Light Awards 2011 - Winner of Best Film by Under 12s

  • Production organisation Heymann Primary School
  • Date completed 14 July 2010
  • Location Nottingham
  • Region East Midlands

PLAY What does this mean?

Our children’s own stories of unique moments and events where their friends, teachers and staff have done something special to help: Maggie couldn’t speak English, Ryan didn’t speak at all, Katy lost her nerve and Joe had the most devastating experience of all.
Length 05’ 11”
Age 6-11

Comments on It's Not The Dinners...

  1. Brilliant! What a great bunch of youngsters! Well done to everyone involved in the making of this short film.

    Donna Robinson

  2. Making the film was a fantastic experience for everyone who was involved. We all learnt so much about the film making process but most of all learnt so much about some of the children at our school. It was a hugely moving experience and culminated in taking 375 children to the cinema to watch it on the big screen! The children were absolute film stars!!

    Lynda Noble

  3. Fabulous movie, all the children come across as really enjoying themselves and some really remarkable stories of progress, well done to everyone involved!

    Penny Hutchinson

  4. I really enjoyed the film, it was incredibly moving and uplifting for suc a short film! The children had obviously worked very hard but learned a lot from taking part!
    Well done to all of you!

    P Dudgeon

  5. a simple but very effective film that tells it like it is from the child's perspective .
    great well done

    vanessa white

  6. Simple, believable and moving. Well done!

    jean pallant

  7. I thought that was absolutely wonderful, well done Heymann!!

    Kelli Scott

  8. This film gets better every time I watch it. Well done everyone involved in the making of the film.

    Hazel Ebling

  9. Absolutely brilliant - charming and funny yet intensely poignant to the point I started to cry. The kids have done a superb job .

    Shirley Widdop

  10. What a great school. The kids are obviously getting a lot out of their interactions with teachers and other students. Nice job with the documentary!

    Nancy Wayne

  11. Those kids are really lucky to have a school that helps them so much.

    Allison Colwell

  12. Brilliant opportunity to be involved with this, lots of hard work and lots of enjoyment and i think this really shows in the film.

    Ben Swerdlow

  13. Excellent film - well done to everybody at Heymann - you should all be extremely proud of yourselves!

    Julia Brown

  14. What a fantastic experience for the children. The film potrays how much the kids really enjoy the school.


  15. The film just represents the general feeling of the school, it's a caring, compassionate enviornment for the children to be in. Well done all.


  16. A cracking film. Well done to you all.


  17. A great short film! A school with a great sense of community. Well done all!


  18. What a fabulous film. Well done to a great bunch of youngsters who have touched on issues facing young kids today in a diverse society.


  19. A great film, very moving and I really enjoyed watching it.


  20. what an inspiring group of young people!


  21. Wonderful


  22. What a joy. And a wonderful school.


  23. What a brilliant group of children!! This seems like a great school to attend and work at. It made me fill up! Well done!!!


  24. A great film and what must be a great school. Well done.


  25. Fantastic film! What clever kids and great school. Well done everyone.


  26. this was brilliant!!!!! well done to everyone who participated. joe is a great friend of mine and hes brave for saying that.they were all great actors. im happy to be at this school


  27. Well done! I enjoyed watching this movie. Refreshing and full of warmth. Good school.


  28. What a lovely film showing that being in school is so much more than learning to read and write. Really appreciated your generosity in sharing your very personal stories. Good stuff!


  29. Wow, it's a wonderful piece of work and it simply shows what an important role a good school can play in children's life and happiness. Great job and well done to everyone involved.


  30. A very moving experience to watch this short film at the cinema - there was not a dry eye in the house. All the kids were superb!


  31. Wonderful film!!
    Interesting to see the world through a child's perceptive.
    Well done!!


  32. Absolutely brilliant ! Had me in tears first time I watched it, well done to Heymann !

    sally floyd

  33. A great film which shows how dynamic the school is to get involved with something like this. The children had great fun filming and being invloved too.

    Mary Trease

  34. Lovely film with wondeful children. Great school


  35. This movie is a fantastic achievment for all involved. It shows everyone that Heymann is a place where people care and matter.
    I am very proud of my son Joe, as I know his Mum would have been.

    Jon Pashley

  36. What a brilliant experience for the children! This film displays the all-embracing nature and caring ethos of Heymann school so well .

    Ann Jordan

  37. What a powerful film. It gets better every time we watch it. Well done to everyone involved!


  38. What a fab school with a great bunch of teachers and students, well done to all!


  39. A great film, really showcases creative talent and gets across the ethos of a caring and supportive school in an engaging way.


  40. Well done to everyone involved, may there be many more films from Heymann.

    Simon Foulds

  41. It was great being involved in making this film and the end result is amazing to see on this website. It was a fantastic experience making it and learning so much about film-making.


  42. It's so touching and how great of the children and Heymann!


  43. What a great film! Wonderful to see children enjoying themselves in what must have been a fantastic experience for them. Thank you. Well done!!

    Dave B

  44. Got to be favourite for an Oscar for best film. Well done children.


  45. Brilliant what a fantastic film and school

    alison Noble

  46. Well done Heymann on making your really super 'real' short film! Your all Stars !!


  47. Awesome! Well done everyone.

    Gail H

  48. Fantastic! You really get a feel for how close everyone is...well done everyone!


  49. Heartwarmimg. I understand and have had experience of the feelings explored here and know how important it is for children and people to be happy so they can be themselves and only then can they achieve what they are capable of. If we are happy we can do anything and be who we want to be. Deep I know but that is the feeling I got from the film portrayed brilliantly by the children in such a simple way but so effectively. Ryan's smile says it all.

    Philip Palmer

  50. Wow! Blown away by the talent from the children and the school. Well Done Heymann!

    Emma Baker

  51. This is the type of supportive school all children would benefit from. Well done to everyone at Heymann.

    Heather Cook

  52. I enjoyed watching this film so much I watched again immediately! How very clever to invlove so many children in such a short time! All the children should be congratulated on taking part and those children whose personal stories are told deserve special mention for being brave enough to share their experience in order to help others. Well done Heymann! It really is the people in school who make all the difference.

    Sue Craggs

  53. it is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  54. I liked the confidence of the children and the sensitive topic they chose to talk about. The boy who lost his mother was particularly brave. WELL DONE!

    Phil Schofield

  55. An excellent film showing how important it is to be in a community that looks out for it's members. Very well constructed with innovative artwork. The mini-me' s were superb. A very clear message was imparted.

    It's not the dinners!

    Ian Schofield

  56. It was extremely interesting and showed that the school cares about all the pupils.
    It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lynn swan

  57. very good most enjoyable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    deirdre winrow

  58. Tthe movie was very intresting to watch ,also very educational for the children at Heyman school. The school promotes a diversity of education skills to encourage children from all back ground.

    veronica duffus

  59. incredible stories fantastic acting all the way through very talented children and caring for one another.Was so good to see.

    June Martinez

  60. The film is an inspiration to all children


  61. Fabulous film!


  62. A lovely film - gives a great flavour of life at Heymann. Very moving in places.


  63. What a superb film! It really conveys the ethos of Heymann School.


  64. Very inspiring - well done!

    P. Hemnell

  65. Excellent film children really enjoyed themselves.


  66. What a brilliant film -it really shows the school to be a caring community of great youngsters. It was poignant and very positive and superb that all the pupils were involved.


  67. It's lovely to see chidren being given a voice - and enjoying it - an engaging and moving film. Congratulations to everyone at Heymann.


  68. The whole film was fantastic and moving- a credit to the pupils and staff.
    I especially liked the gymnast doing backflips-I can't even touch my toes!


  69. What a fantastic film. Loved all the different techniques and the story telling was really compelling. Very hard to believe that all this has been achieved by such young film makers. Wishing all at Heymann all the best with the awards ceremony and congratulations on being short listed for a prize.

    Alison Devlin

  70. this film better win at london its amazing!!!!


  71. It made me laugh, it made me cry..... recipe for a fantastic film.
    Well done to Heymann and all involved.

    emma mcpetrie

  72. Well done to Heymann Primary School.....The film is a great capture of what the school provides to our children. Great efforts all round! Well done to all the staff and children making the film a success! Congratulations!

    Gurdip Bhavra

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