I Could Live Yours


The First Light Awards 2012 - Best Documentary nominee

  • Production organisation Exeter Phoenix
  • Date completed 16 September 2011
  • Location Exeter

STOP What does this mean?

I Could Live Yours is an inspirational documentary following a group of young lads growing up on Littleham housing estate in Exmouth. The audience is privy to a frank and honest portrayal of the young people’s experiences of ASBOs and crime, and can then see the positive transformation that takes place through their passion of music. The film was made in association with Exeter Phoenix, Millway Community Centre and Creekmore Youth Club.

Length 10’
Aged 11-18

Comments on I Could Live Yours

  1. Good to see you guys trying. Just remember, life is what YOU make it. Just a cop out blaming issues on things outa your control. You want something good, you work for it and it looks like your on the right path! Don't get sucked in to stupid stuff cos your mates are. Who's the fool then! Treat others as you wanna be treated and you'll do fine in life. Nobody to blame when the crap hits the fan but yourself then the real test is getting yourself outa the crap and not in to more. men are men - boys stand out a mile!


  2. @FirstLightMovies U boys r bad keep spitting u tunes where can i buy it?


  3. 2307 now? Polly!

    Peter Snelling

  4. 2307 now? Polly!

    Peter Snelling

  5. 2307 now? Polly!

    Peter Snelling

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