Hey Jumper by Elishama Udorok

5 out of 5 stars

  • Date completed 23 February 2011

Comments on Hey Jumper by Elishama Udorok

  1. Magnificent, it has a great deal of artistic merit. In addition, although it's just a short film, the concept can be quite easily converted into a feature-length film. I think I may have actually seen one like it already.

    Just Elijah

  2. Really nice video. Quite atmospheric yet grounded. Nice work!


  3. filmed beautifully and the music score is excellent 10/10

    connie santarini

  4. Amazing video created by a clearly talented student film maker, truly brilliant!

    Rory Cllan

  5. AMAZING! you have such talent! X

    Georgia Ware

  6. Hey, real amazing video. You took the idea of a Sunday to an entire different level. Love it!


  7. wicked man, u gota teach me dat stuff loool. jax x


  8. Excellent. Great use of filming on location. Fulfills you to a point, but leaves you wanting more.


  9. love the video.. very creative lish :)


  10. What has this got to do with a Perfect Sunday?


  11. Sucha great video, editing was perfect, music was outstanding with the video's language and more to the point... WHEN DID YOU GET DOUBLEBACKS OUTSIDE!!!

    Jordan Fuller

  12. Nice! Very artistic and loads of clean moves! Wicked filming and great editing, I like the fading and what you did with they eye! Good work!

    Danny K

  13. Fantastic !!! love the atmosphere of it !!!

    Brook Hewett

  14. you're a very talented young man elishama.... can't wait to see more! x


  15. Great flow. Powerful. Really decribes ur day through action and music. Classy. Great edit. I can see some thought has gone into this short film. All the best to you and well done for getting this far. I hope you win but if not, still a film to be proud off. You are definately one to watch :D x

    Daniella Fedele

  16. i like


  17. isn't this idea a film?


  18. wow ! the vid is more than on point


  19. Such rich talent all compressed into a 2 minute video! Best of luck to you Lish ..you definitely deserve it :)


  20. cool


  21. I was very moved by this beautiful, thoughtful, subtle film. Well done.

    emma g

  22. Very thoughtful, quiet atmospheric and greatly edited film. Definitely one of the best.

    Karol Michta

  23. Excellent :)) <3


  24. Captivating, amazing as usual brother.


  25. Amazing stuff Lish, you have such a creative mind! When's the next one out?


  26. An amazing video with a variety of video angles, a witty and playful storyline with great glimpses of London. Hats off to you bro!


  27. I thoroughly enjoyed this. It didn't take Perfect Sunday too literally, there's room for personal interpretation. Loved the editing and the music. Good job :D


  28. sickkkk :)


  29. Very artistic, atmospheric and great back drops of London

    Lydia Antoni

  30. Love it! :D very groovy


  31. This film has it all - freerunning, the morning light, the big city back drop, boy meets girl and - a twist... well kind of? :)


  32. i love it! TOP job, guys! i keep rewatching it. Lish, i wish your talent to keep exceeding itself. You are the one who can actually jump above your own head :-) waiting for more. xxxxxxx

    Val :-)

  33. This is truly something else, really well put together and in every aspect of the word, amazing!


  34. I love this film Lish.great piece of work

    John o'shea

  35. great job! you are getting more and more talented. i think you can actully jump over your head Lish :-)

    valerie :-)

  36. siiiiik


  37. Fantastic job, paring the explosive power of parkour with addictions, love, etc., yet making it very suttle.

    matty p

  38. amazing

    Padhraic Mulholland

  39. Awesome film, great song and good moves! A 10'er in every respect!

    John Park

  40. I actually love it! The storyline’s great, the music ‘feels’ just like Sunday, and overall it’s really quite inspirational! Perfect.


  41. Not a whole load of serious displayed here, more personal and fun mixed in. Great little flik, some nice PK and freerunning. Moreover the angles were nice, lighting I'd say could have been better but for what it is it's not all that bad.


  42. Great video, amazing choice of locations. :D


  43. Amazing Lish ! Well Done

    Pat C

  44. slick and cool move ! well done man !


  45. fantastic video, there definitely needs to be more!

    Matt Malin

  46. Really great stuff, well done, love the way you have cut this film, C


  47. Love it. Very poetic- Could be the start of something big

    wade Jacks

  48. amazing


  49. A very creative video which sets of an enchanting feel. Love it! Shows off your skills and talent.
    Definitely a winner! :)


  50. Very good! He goes to Woodhouse College...that's what got me here! I hope you win! =D x


  51. Well directed and shot, the discordant note at the end of the score - perfect. Capturing that talent on screen - excellent, maybe the Olympics is next...

    Sharon Richardson

  52. that was so sick man amazing


  53. wahooo this was gr8 lish!! hope u win xxxxxxx


  54. aahh sikk video man, looks like an english sunday!


  55. SICCCCCCCCK! sequal? nice one man ur edits are amazing keep it going im defo gonna vote for you!!!!

    Alfie Green!

  56. Cool video! I like it a lot. :)


  57. Such a brilliant edit mate I love your video x

    Jordan thomas

  58. :)


  59. Wow, amazing man, I love Parkour and how you've put it into a Sunday - Great stuff


  60. cool


  61. this is mind blowing, first forts was what awesome editing, loved it

    Alex 'pilz-e' poulton

  62. Nice :)


  63. lish im loving this edit man quite spooky at the end brother voted


  64. Just realised I didn't leave a message. It's fantastic - obviously! I wouldn't expect anything less...

    Sharon Gladstone

  65. just gr8 m8

    toby segar

  66. lovely video bro :)


  67. LOVE IT!

    Alfie Green

  68. Brilliant, absolutely mind blowing - well done Lish!


  69. Just great!


  70. That actually gave me goosebumps! Lovely *frantically claps*


  71. Good to see you are still a star - keep going!

    Melanie Rivers

  72. Wll done Lish great film

    Jo L

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