Granny Mac's Meringues

Animation , Films by under 12s

The First Light Awards 2012 - Winner of Best Film by Under 11s

  • Production organisation Burntisland Primary School
  • Date completed 14 September 2011
  • Location Burntisland
  • Region Scotland

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The Queen has heard of Hettie McHattie, a fabulous milliner on Hisland Island. She arrives on the island to select her new hat but on the way back there is a mix up with the hat boxes. Can the mistake be rectified in time for the Royal Wedding?
Length 06’
Aged 7

Comments on Granny Mac's Meringues

  1. very entertaining, creative and enjoyable. best line in the animation; dinnae get ur knickers in a twist.
    Glad the queen got her hat back in time :)

    sarah birrell

  2. I loved making this film it was fun and very interesting

    emma mcculloch

  3. it was great kari


  4. Ellie - Hi my name is Ellie and i took part in Granny Macs Meringues and i think it was fab!


  5. I was Colonel Bluster! It's a great film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Well done to all the Kids and producers on an excellent animation!

    Look forward to the next one!


    Jonathan Bacon

  7. Thanks to everyone involved on this project. What a lot of fun we had and just look what we produced......a truly fantastic film! Well done to you all.

    Liz Whatmore

  8. I loved being part of this film - mia


  9. All the children were so enthusiastic about this film. The whole experience was extremely exciting, memorable and rewarding. They set themselves very high standards and strived to achieve them with excellent results. It’s hard to believe they were only seven years old! I really am very honoured and lucky to have been their teacher. They all worked relentlessly to make this film the best production ever. I never had to say what Harry said to Scruff - ‘Sit doon and behave yersel!’ They were just amazing. So to all the children who created this film, here is a message: Keep working hard to reach your goals, always do your best and follow your dreams. You are an inspiration to others so be very proud of your achievements.
    Well done!
    Dot Rossborough

    Mrs R

  10. I loved making this wonderful project. Its a great film. (: !!!!!!!

    Rhys Cooper

  11. i loved making this film thanks to mrs whatmore for organising this film for us you are the best teacher at making films and thanks to mrs rossborough for her help to. Thank you all teachers that helped .xxxxxxx


  12. I loved making this film. I was supposed to make the queen but I broke my thanks to hannah and tamzin for making the queen .a big thank u to mrs whatmore and mrs rossborough.


  13. I loved making this film with my pals.:))))))


  14. Easily the best!... Ameright or ameringue?

    Susan McGill

  15. Love it!! Well done to all the children (and teacher) who made this film!
    Maybe this film was the inspiration behind Princess Beatrice's pretzel hat...


  16. Our grand-daughter Jaymi played the Queen - and was the voice of the Queen too - we are very impressed by all the hard work that made this so enjoyable and such a success. Well done and good luck xxx

    Margaret neilson

  17. this is the icing on the cake! or was that a strawberry on the hat? Or am I wrang?


  18. A fantastic animation. The kids, teachers parents and all supporters should be proud!

    Jonathan Bacon

  19. Congratulations to everyone involved with the film - you did a braw job!
    My wee guy really enjoyed taking part and is chuffed to bits that it won.
    Meringues all round in celebration.........

    Lynne Webster

  20. my grandson curtis was the voice of harry the hippy he made me so proud well done burntisland primary

    jane davidson

  21. FANATSTIC WINNERS!!!!! A very well deserved win for Mrs Whatmore, Mrs Rossborough and ALL 66 pupils who took part in the making of Granny Macs Meringues. What an achievement. A thoroughly entertaining film from start to finish. Also a wonderful win for Chas who filmed the epic tale. Well done Burntisland Primary, you've certainly put the school on the map!!

    Joy Petrie

  22. very well made...well done by everyone involved. congratulations.....good luck on monday. Will from kinross swimming? pool


  23. Awesome i helped? make it!!!


  24. Brilliant!!? well done. Loved Granny Mac's Meringues.


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