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The First Light Awards 2012 - Audience Award nominee

  • Production organisation Gayhurst Community School
  • Date completed 31 May 2011
  • Location London
  • Region London

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A lively and creative experimental film about the preventing the spread of germs by controlling those coughs and sneezes. The film was inspired & sampled by a 1945 film made by the Ministry of Health from the BFI archive.
Length 3’ 30”
Aged 7-9

Comments on Germinator

  1. I loved this film! I thought is was really funny but thought provoking.

    andrea l

  2. Excellent illustrations and film uit gets to the point of spreading of germs and very clear at all levels. Very funny to watch and perhaps it should shown to the wider audience for everyone to know how not spread their germs.


  3. Hilarious and very clever but with a serious message attached. All too many people out there who should be made to watch this film and appreciate what the consequences of their actions are. Well done to everyone involved.

    Gary M

  4. Very creative use of archive footage mixed with some lovely animation. A great collection of sneezes, and the rap at the end was brilliant!

    John Carr - MGM HD

  5. Great artwork!!!


  6. thrilled to see some classic graphics and important message peppered with a great sense of humour, thanks gayhurst


  7. Well done to everyone involved.


  8. Loved it, funny and a great way to get the message across. Kind of cool too.
    Now where did I put that tissue :)


  9. Beautiful!

    Gillian Hughes

  10. Funny, informative and terribly clever. Well done.


  11. very cool

    Guy Eaton

  12. I like the 'period' voice. An Ealing Comedy, but animated. Let us hope that it is watched by the whole nation, especially the travellers on the Norwich line.

    Charles Tracy

  13. Very funny.


  14. Absolutely fantastic - Germinator deserves to win all awards!

    Sarah Bowden-Smith

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