Flukey Finn

5 out of 5 stars

Comedy , Films by over 13s

  • Production organisation National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
  • Date completed 29 October 2009
  • Location Belfast
  • Region Northern Ireland

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Flukey Finn is a typical teenager; a scatter brain, who sleeps a lot, plays a lot of playstation, and generally drives his parents mad! Although he is a bit geeky, uncoordinated and disorganized, things always seem to turn up trumps for him. That’s how he got his nickname, Flukey Finn! However, it’s his 18th birthday and Flukey’s luck may have just run out….!
Length 05’ 32”
Aged 13-19

The National Deaf Children’s Society – A Casestudy

The National Deaf Children’s Society worked with 13 young deaf people aged between 13 and 19 to produce their short-film, 9 of which had never worked with film professionals before.

The young people took a hands-on approach throughout the project whilst being mentored from initial storyboarding right through to editing and post production.

To kick the project off all the young people developed a storyboard with a film idea, and the four strongest script writers formed script-development team, who went on to meet with BBC Blast and NDCS to narrow them down to two film ideas: one horror and one comedy, a preparation day then followed with all the young people to further develop the two films ideas and from this the script was written. Alongside the script development, acting lessons and camera skills were developed from the outset of the project. Further one-to-one mentoring was offered to young people requiring additional support, and more technical in-depth technical training was offered to the young people who chose to focus on camera skills.

Production took place over one very busy week, it required a lot of commitment and hard work but the young people picked up all aspects very quickly and the filming proved to be very successful, and a lot of fun! Several of the young people also got involved in the blood and gore session to ‘injure’ Flukey Finn for his birthday party scene, learning new creative skills in creating fake wounds and bruising for camera.

The group then attended editing, grading and dubbing sessions at the BBC and so the young people were able to input into the film-making process at every stage.

Deaf children are at risk of developing low expectations of what they can achieve in life and many think their deafness can exclude them from participating in activities at school and at the local clubs. As a result of getting involved in the project the young people are a lot more confident, freely expressing themselves through drama and acting, they have learnt that deafness is not a barrier to their creativity and that they should follow their aspirations.
Flukey Finn premiered 3 October 2009 at Storm Cinemas in the Odyssey Complex Belfast, and was attended by 160 people including Patricia Lewsley, Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People, and many young deaf children and young people, a number of which have expressed an interest in getting involved in a similar project themselves. The premiere received fantastic media support including a prime time interview on Radio Ulster. And NCDS plan to enter Flukey Finn into various film festivals across the UK and Ireland, and are hoping for screenings on BBC1 and BBC2 NI.

Emma Dunseith, Producer of the film from BBC Blast commented how difficult it is to make a good comedy, and that she was delighted about how well it worked, and that this was down to the skill of the inexperienced actors who had a special ability to lift words off the page and turn them into entertaining and engaging dialogue.

At the start of the project Helen, one of the young film-makers commented, “I am 15 years old and haven’t really had contact with any other deaf children….I have no hearing in my left ear and partial hearing in my right….I don’t wear my hearing aid often because I find it annoying.” Helen now never misses an NCDS event, has many deaf friends and wears her hearing aid. “The project helped bring back my love for acting and I grew in self-confidence which were both great achievements for me.” Helen is now thinking about joining a local drama group.

“Before the NDCS project I was a shy person. I thought I couldn’t become an actress because I am Deaf. But now, I am a confident person ……I have been setting dreams that I never thought I could pursue……I realise that no-one can stop me just because I’m Deaf.” Amy now wants to do a media course at University.

“I was very proud when all my family and friends came to see the film. In school I was worried about doing drama because this is my first time, but now I really love it.” “Making the film was one of the best things I have ever done.” David.

“A once in life-time experience that has made it easier for me to choose my university course and career.” Pete, who is currently studying moving image at A’ Level since participating in a First Light film project last year, and now hopes to study Media Studies at University.

Carl has joined the camera club at school this year and loves it, his parents say he wouldn’t have considered it last year but the film project has given him a new interest in photography and camerawork as a whole.

Lizzie is now hoping to do Theatre Studies for GCSE and A’ Level, and plans to make her own film next summer.

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  1. This is my favourite film out of the comedy!So funny! Well done!


  2. Well done to all the young people in Flukey Finn getting this far! Good luck at the awards!!!


  3. By far the funniest!!!! Well done everyone and Good Luck!!!


  4. hahahahahaha thats my favourite file out of them three! so so so funny!! good luck who ever created this film! =D


  5. can't wait to go to award show. go flukey finn. want to thank everyone who made it possible for the ndcs to make a awesome film like this every year.


  6. i was one of the dancers!! :) it was awesome making it and, like nikki, i want to thank everyone hu made this possible! x


  7. Great show Sophie, hope you do v. well next week. Hopefully see you at BSL class.



  8. Funny funny film . The Best!

    Katie McCormick

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