Facing up to Life

Drama , Films by over 13s

  • Production organisation Frogmore Community College
  • Date completed 02 September 2005
  • Location Yateley Hampshire
  • Region South

This drama features a boy, Tyler, who has a large birth mark or ‘port wine stain’ covering half his face. He wants to go out with Emily but her friends tease him over his appearance.

Another boy, Danny, is new at the school. He examines his face as if unsure about something. Danny asks Emily out. Emily declines but says he reminds her of someone she used to know, someone she never had the nerve to ask out because her friends ‘thought he was weird’.

The science of transplants is introduced in a dramatised lesson and as part of a surgical flashback sequence. The production plays with the timeline of events, so it emerges towards the end that two stories are running simultaneously. Danny is in fact Tyler, having undergone surgery. The film’s conclusion leaves the viewer considering the importance of appearance.

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