Every day is like Sunday by James Spinney

5 out of 5 stars

  • Date completed 23 February 2011

Comments on Every day is like Sunday by James Spinney

  1. Layers of irony. Very clever.

    Michael Spinney

  2. .


  3. Great effort Spinney - good luck!


  4. Well done Spinney - great effort


  5. Nice one Spinster and team! I enjoyed it very much. Good luck


  6. Most enjoyable!


  7. Very well done mate. Loved it.


  8. Brilliant.


  9. Well done James - very enjoyable to watch


  10. funny, ironic and simple - reflective of real life. good work and good luck


  11. Love it!

    Elizabeth Ro

  12. Good stuff. Got my vote, Smat.

    cut thumb

  13. Shows promise (but then, I'm just jealous!)


  14. Well done James. A wonderful piece of work.

    Peter Black

  15. Loved it best of the bunch guys, well done!


  16. Well done James

    Katrina Francis

  17. Well done James Good luck

    Katrina francis

  18. Loved it, as do the rest of Denmark. Well at least where I work!!


  19. Excellent

    Andrew Ward

  20. Simply complex. Strand within strand


  21. Great bit of work and by far the best. Well done and good luck.

    Jo Coldham

  22. Brilliant little film! Well done.


  23. Perfectly captures that end of Sunday feeling, and the daunting dread of Monday. Well done!

    Mark Coldham

  24. Very funny. Well done. Reminds me of my son........

    Amanda Crane

  25. Brilliant stuff.


  26. great short film of everyday life!!

    elisabeth Logan

  27. I like Smat


  28. Nicely underplayed, perfectly timed. Very enjoyable.


  29. It reminds me of my son too. Oh, wait a minute............

    Sharon Zeqiri

  30. Excellent... what a great idea.....well done!!! :)


  31. Well done

    Eileen O'Brien

  32. Nice one James! Proud to see your talent shine.

    Now you see why your father had so many problems with me being late into work on a Monday morning!

    Mark Jefferson

  33. Brilliant!

    Linda Pelling

  34. The young people's UK short film version groundhog day - good work!

    Sunday is definitely not a time, but a state of mind, perfectly summed up with

    'The cleaner's not due until Thursday morning so the place is a bit of a tip' - hilarious
    good luck at the awards...


  35. James


  36. Great idea!


  37. Great idea!


  38. Like it

    Mandy rubens

  39. Like it

    Mandy rubens

  40. Excellent - really made me smile!


  41. Talented, very funny

    Dee Moss

  42. Wait a few more years and you can be retired.


  43. Good concept

    Gill Thorne

  44. Everyday is like Sunday for my cleaner too ... shame she works on a Friday.

    I enjoyed this short, amazing what you can say in just 2 minutes ... but when are the other parts of this heptalogy being released?! :-)

    Well done.

    Kevin O'Brien

  45. loved it


  46. Genius !

    Rob Jenkinson

  47. Great acting, set and props. My OCD leanings were desperate to tidy up! Very grown up piece.

    Sharon Richardson

  48. Brilliant!

    Tara Drexler

  49. The humour is wonderfully dry and laid back, no need for an involved script, just brilliant timing. More please !

    Peter Charsley

  50. Who is this Zeqiri person, how has he remained uncovered for so long. Truly Fantastic.

    Andy Smith

  51. excellent idea...nice one


  52. Great stuff!

    Mike Francis

  53. Every day is like Sunday - I wish!
    Simply brilliant!!!!!!


  54. Great! - loved it.
    Bit like retirement really!


  55. this video is sooo great. Genuinely made me laugh hard. Wish it was longer :(


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