Don't Go Down Through the Woods

5 out of 5 stars

Fantasy Adventure , Films by under 12s

  • Production organisation Royd Nursery Infants School
  • Date completed 04 September 2009
  • Location Deepcar
  • Region Yorkshire & Humberside

PLAY What does this mean?

Dan and Amy are late setting off with a basket of buns to visit their sickly Grandma. They are running so late they decide to take a short cut through the woods. However the woods are enchanted and full of magical creatures, scary monsters and hungry wolves. Will they ever reach Grandma’s house?
Length 05’ 00”
Aged 6-7

Comments on Don't Go Down Through the Woods

  1. A fantastic film!! I can't believe infant children have created and directed their own film. You definitely deserve an award for such a brilliant film. Well done!!

    Carl Norris-Scott

  2. Well done to all the Year 2's and especially Royd Film Club for a fantastic film!! I am so proud of all of you!! xxx

    Tracy Scott

  3. A really impressive film from children so young, so proud of you !!. You deserve to win after all the dedication, hard work and effort you put in x x x x

    Rachel Kaye

  4. excellent good mixture


  5. you would not think this was all done by 6/7 year old kids they have done us all proud and will put Deepcar on the map. thumbs up kids your all winners to me. ;)

    matt robinson

  6. You should all be very proud, a fantastic film! Well done to you all!

    Wayne Norris

  7. Well done on making such a fantastic first time film, good luck for future film making.

    Ann O'Keefe

  8. What a fantastic film produced by the talented children of Royd NI School. Well done year 2! I feel very lucky to have been part of the team involved in this project. You should ALL BE VERY PROUD OF

    Marie Jolley

  9. Wow! I've heard all about your film project, but I had no idea you had made such a fantastic job, well done to everyone involved, we are very impressed and you represent your school very well!!!!! Looked fun too!!!!!!!

    Roger Jolley

  10. A superb film from those so young.....very impressive and imaginative. A good message to young children not to wander off into quiet, secluded places by themselves. Puts a more reaslistic spin on the Little Red Riding Hood story. Very well done.

    Natalie Hayward-Hughes

  11. What an amazing film!!!!! All of the children and staff involved worked incredibly hard on this film. It was a pleasure to teach the children in the film and I think they are an inspiration to the children that will be in year two in forthcoming years. What an exciting start to their education, good luck at the awards I am rooting for all of you XX

    Lucy Harding

  12. I heard this film was good but I never thought it would be this good! Wow! Well done to everybody involved you should be very proud.

    Brigette Beardsall

  13. Brilliant, very well done to everone involved.

    Michelle Phillips

  14. I am so proud of all the children involved in our brilliant film. You are all stars . xx

    Margaret Matthews

  15. Well done to all of the year 2 children at Royd Infant School. You all worked incredibly hard to make this film and you deserve this nomination as recognition for your efforts. Really proud of you all!


  16. So proud of all the children involved, you worked really hard and know how much you enjoyed making the film. Good luck at the Awards Ceremony xxx


  17. What a fantastic film! We are all so proud of how well you have done .

    Nilam Buchanan

  18. How fantastic - you must be so proud of yourselves.

    Vicky Harrison

  19. cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. scariest film I've ever seen!!! B) B) B) B) B)


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