Disability Swimming

5 out of 5 stars

Documentary , Films by over 13s

  • Date completed 18 February 2011

We see a day in the life of a volunteer through their own eyes. They wake up. Have toast, Drive. Sign in at the pool. Time swimming races. Meet people. Eat crisps. Have fun and finally give out a medal. The film flashes through this eventful day and then asks ‘What did you do today?’ ‘I volunteered’.

Olympic values: Inspiration

Comments on Disability Swimming

  1. Brilliant! Excellent pace, inspiring idea and creates a real excitment for the event whilst indulging in a sense of personal experience and achievment.

    joel davies

  2. good work by some talented youngsters


  3. Great programme

    hannah creelman

  4. I liked the Disability Swimming Video, it did make me stop and think about what i had done today. I have mostly done things that benefit me and not the wider community! It makes you think?

    Well done


    Arthur Cook

  5. Love it!!!


  6. Very powerful. It really makes you think about your own life.

    Well done!

    ANNA Dutton

  7. Fantastic video! well done


  8. Great idea, well executed ! It held my intention from begining to the end.

    Mandy Bishop

  9. loving this video gonna send the link to as many ppl as i cna to make this number 1

    Marc Brooks

  10. Good stuff. These youngsters are the future of the industry. Well done!


  11. Wow fantastic , really makes you stop and think.
    Lovely to see such meaningful work.
    Very well done .

    Alison Bennett

  12. Loved it! The filming style is very effective - shows the benefits to be gained by all; the cause you support , the people you enable and the rewards you gain by voluntering! It get my vote!

    Debbie Rosaman

  13. Very Orginal, if this were a task on the generation game, you'd get 10 points!

    John Stockman

  14. Great film, great message !!

    Mandy Bishop

  15. fantastic, different idea to put across a message :)

    Hannah White

  16. great vid guys, really made me think about what i had done 2day myself

    tristan B. Taylor

  17. great vid guys, really made me think about what i had done 2day myself

    tristan B. Taylor

  18. It's been great working with the Exeter Digital Documenters. They are a lot of fun and always ready to try something different. Glad the film has turned out well and that it is getting such positive comments. Bit of a relief really!


    Peter Snelling

  19. this is awesome! very talented :D
    what an eye opener.
    well done

    Ellen Metcalfe

  20. nice video, really well done!!


  21. Hurr derr


  22. This is geeeeenius. So much love for this video!


  23. Great film. Could subtitles be added or a transcript of the movie be provided for deaf people who cannot hear what is being said?


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