Dawn and the Living Dad

5 out of 5 stars


  • Production organisation Stockton Borough Council
  • Date completed 08 November 2010
  • Location Stockton
  • Region North East

PAUSE What does this mean?

Down trodden teenager Dawn, does what her dad tells her, the poor girl even puts up with his obsessive tittle-tattle about golf. Meanwhile outside in the street, two bullies wait for a chance to inflict their own style of cruelty. Will Dawn ever find the courage to rise up and break free?
Length 09’ 00”
Aged 11-18

Comments on Dawn and the Living Dad

  1. An amazing short movie. Well done Emily, you made it so real

    Jennie Hood

  2. Funny and gory. Excellent!


  3. Great short film. lead actress superb very believable.

    debbie f

  4. An excellent performance by Emily Dowson. A well produced drama.

    Jennie Hood

  5. It was an excellent film, I really enjoyed it. Hard work payed off obvioulsy in this film everything came together brilliantly, acting was also fab !


  6. absolutely brilliant, fantastic and could watch it all over again. well done to all involved.

    bridie beisty

  7. An excellent production, Well done Emily

    martin hood

  8. throughly enjoyed this movie, excellent acting

    Sue Matthews

  9. Wow that was amazing! I really enjoyed it!


  10. A very gripping short movie. Full credit to the actors.


  11. What an amazing debut, well done Emily ,an outstanding performance.

    Anne Humphreys

  12. Well done Emily really enjoyed your film


  13. What a brilliant Movie! I got hooked right from the beginning and the irony at the end was superb. Emily you are going to be a star! Such natural acting talent. What a superb offering from young people. All aspects, story, camera angle and aspect, music, sound, lighting, script, set, costume, props, direction, acting. What a combination of raw talent. This has just got to win. Bring it on.

    Good Luck!

    Angela Raw

  14. Well done Emily and the other actors, great movie.

    Vicky Nath

  15. loved this short film, was enthralled from start to finish, great to see an experienced actor been outshone by new talent - well done Emily, a star in the making


  16. Have watched your movie a second time. Congratulations to all involved, a very impressive film, some great camera angles and lighting effects.


  17. WOW what a good movie!!!! well done really enjoyed it :D :D

    mark scott

  18. For a short film i thought it was excellent, all the acting was superb! i was on the edge of my seat for the full thing

    amy sharpe

  19. excellent short horror film, great leading performance, well done emily .

    lisa harker

  20. This has to be the winner for Best Drama, it's very well acted, the make up artist has done a brilliant job, and the camera and sound work is spot on. I look forward to seeing more movies from this group. Well done.

    Carly Jones

  21. great film :)


  22. Loved dawn, thought she played it with lots of fun and pathos, loved the camera work, looked like a lot of fun to make, really well done

    Daniel Craig

  23. Laughed so hard the first time I saw this. I never struggle to watch it over and over again


  24. this is a great film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


  25. haha i love this, the golf swing makes me laugh every time!


  26. 'Unlock the door and set me free, unlock the door and let it be, unlock the door and follow me be free'! Fun film. Well done.


  27. This is pretty good, I liked it :)

    Ishana Fox

  28. This short film was absolutely great - the horror of a hollywood scream has been condensed into 10 minutes of amazing acting, brilliantly gruesome make-up and fab filming - the crew have done a great job :) I loved it


  29. Well done. Very good effort for young filmmakers, choice of shots and editing was good.
    If I'm 100% honest, I think the song at the end confused the genre. I must admit my heart sank a little when the dad spoke as a zombie, maybe he could have approved her in a look rather than dialogue?
    Emily's performance was great. All in all a good First Light Film.

    Harriet A

  30. brilliant! this has to win!!


  31. Really good acting. But a bit odd.

    Jolene B

  32. well done dillon for making this :D woooo!


  33. This is a great short movie! Why has it got no? comments and only 144 views? Scandalous!


  34. This is a great short movie! Why has it got no? comments and only 144 views? Scandalous!


  35. This is a great short movie! Why has it got no? comments and only 144 views? Scandalous!


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