Centrepoint and Me

5 out of 5 stars

Documentary , Films by over 13s

  • Date completed 21 February 2011

The film depicts the benefits Centrepoint has on young people; showing some of the work they do and just how important volunteers are to Centrepoint’s events. The film focuses on the stories of two young people and the huge impact Centrepoint has had on their lives.

Olympic values: Respect (acceptance, appreciation, judgement) & Equality (fairness, stereotypes, respect, inclusion)

Comments on Centrepoint and Me

  1. wow really touching and thought provoking :)

    Hugh M Adamson

  2. Great informative film!


  3. excellent Centrepoint work, as always!


  4. A positive and inspiring insight, great work Jaleesa!

    Sam Conniff

  5. Great film, very informative and well put together - well done!

    Bill Peak

  6. Fantastic film capturing the great work Centrepoint is doing.

    Sharon T

  7. What a great film, informative and thought provoking. I hope this goes a long way to helping more people who need Centrepoints first rate service with front line staff and volunteers. Well done!

    Bobby Lock

  8. great film. looking forward to the next one. 2 thumbs up


  9. great film. looking forward to the next one. 2 thumbs up


  10. A really interesting and informative insight into the work and world of centrepoint. Well Done !

    Gillian T

  11. Wow it really hits home well done guys

    Jodie collins

  12. Great film guys, Centrepoint is doing fantastic things for the community.

    Jennifer M

  13. very nice video


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