Broken Circle

5 out of 5 stars

Drama , Thriller

  • Production organisation Suited and Booted Studios CIC
  • Date completed 05 February 2009
  • Location Bath
  • Region South West

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This atmospheric and spellbinding thriller sees a group of friends gather a year after the death of their gang leader. Everyone seems to have a reason but will the real culprit ever be revealed? With a haunting soundtrack this thriller is a modern twist on noir classics.
Length07’ 37”
Aged 10-18

Comments on Broken Circle

  1. Well done Kai, you're a legend!

    Tara Diamond

  2. Cool!

    Kai Diamond

  3. Fantastic! So much suspense, and all set up for a sequel - will he get away with i?


  4. Great Stuff! Keep up the good work!


  5. Superb performances, and such tension! - very cool piece of work, well done.


  6. Brilliant! And miles better than 90% of the trash that comes out of Hollywood these days!


  7. Wow Kai I am so impressed! Well done


  8. Wow Kai I am so impressed Well done


  9. This is awesome, you guys have real talent, lets see part two.

    Kevin Ormond

  10. Kai, it's amazing, intriguing! I am so pleased that you are part of Clubflix, looking forward to seeing more from you and the rest of your group.

    Pam Fisher

  11. Good Luck at the awards! This was a fantastic film, great tension.


  12. i was asked to review this film, and i cannot stop watching, it's amazing! well done!!


  13. Thanks everyone :) Looking forward to the awards :)

    Dominic Doring

  14. had an amazing time at the awards, wow we won!!!! yay!

    Zac Thomas

  15. That was absolutely fantastic Zac!
    Great job :D Deffinatly deserved to win :)

    Seb Archer

  16. Brill!

    Well done Will - great drama one not to be missed - onwards and upwards to even better things!... :)


  17. Cheers mate! THANKS!

    Zac Thomas

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