Birmingham Will MOB You

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  • Date completed 18 February 2011

Join the Birmingham mobbers as they create a disturbance in the One Stop Shopping Centre to the unsuspecting public. The MOB is about creating new ‘disturbances’ that help share the values of the Olympics and Paralympics: Excellence, Respect, Friendship, Courage, Determination, Inspiration & Equality.

Olympic values: Friendship (unity), Inspiration (passion), Excellence (standing out)

Comments on Birmingham Will MOB You

  1. Love Birmingham Will MOB You - what a wicked short capturing the essence of MOB!

    Ruth Richardson

  2. great message.. taking part builds communities and enables people to grow..

    tony kemshall

  3. MOB is ace! Just look at the Olympic and Paralympic values shining through the work produced and the dancing! The fun they are having! They should be awarded for their work! I saw them doing their thing live and they were fantastic and it was full of energy, enthusiasm and showed real committment! I couldn't believe it when I heard that they were volunteers- I never realised that volunteering could be so wonderful! Well done MOB. YOUR nomination is very well deserved! What a spectacular group of people! Thank you for brightening up my day with your dancing and acting. I want more!

    Tomoya Harriett Hamilton

  4. It is a nice short film

    Alice Devaney

  5. these people are an inspiration.

    peter devaney

  6. This film really reflects the spirit of MOB.

    Andy Richardson

  7. This film really reflects the spirit of MOB.

    Andy Richardson

  8. I agree, great message... seems like a positive project that empowers individuals!.


  9. it is a greaat message towards the society. keep up your great attitude.


  10. great film very talented


  11. I'm inspired.

    Love it.

    Rob Tate

  12. The movie shows that it gets young people from different cultures together which shows the Olympic spirit.

    Vicky Buckley

  13. I know how difficult it is to get youngsters involved in any project and the commitment shown by them makes me realise the next generation coming up has a lot to offer for our generation, to say thank goodness to the Olympic spirit that we all hope to achieve to be a part of.


  14. It was nice to see young volunteers pursuing the principle spirit of the Olympics.


  15. The spirit of the Olympics is alive and kicking in local areas.


  16. Great to see that volunteering can boost peoples confidence so much! Love the longer version on your site too. Keep up the good work with the site and films!


    Mark Reading

  17. OMg dis video is sick yeah. I cur believe how much klass stuf peeps r doin in brum town. much love

    Stuart Primrose

  18. I just love it too! What a great team.

    Anne Marie Swift

  19. Fab film that's got a good local angle, is informative and packed with that feel-good factor!


  20. Energetic and inspiring!


  21. Well done Mike!


  22. Togetherness


  23. Excellent - well done Mike, keep up the good work!

    Danielle Millard

  24. good video from spain!!


  25. Wonderful Video and I like the way all the young adult have come together vvolunteered and created this brillant flashmob. You can really see how fun the MOB is and how it is help younger people.

    Colette Sunner

  26. Inspiring video and love how this volunteer group has helped so many people

    Kevin Brady

  27. I like how the different cultures have come together and show this to the wider community, through song and dance.

    Daniel Quest

  28. Great video, it really shows what this volunteer group does and how it has help people.

    Beth Poyner

  29. I like the way this volunteer group has help young adults to express themselves through dancing to people.

    Jake Harman

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