Binn Bunny Goes Green

5 out of 5 stars

Animation , Films by under 12s

  • Production organisation Burntisland Primary School
  • Date completed 04 September 2009
  • Location Burntisland
  • Region Scotland

PLAY What does this mean?

It’s a busy time for the animals of Wayward Wood. Everyone’s working flat out to clean and tidy the forest in the hope of winning the coveted” Wood of the Year Award”. Well almost everyone….One rebellious rabbit’s actions threaten not only to lose them the competition, but their whole woodland habitat. Join Aggie, the stag beetle, Shirley Girley Squirrley and the rest of the gang as they battle to save the forest and turn around their feisty friend.
Length 06’ 28”
Aged 9-10

Comments on Binn Bunny Goes Green

  1. I think this movie is fantastic - the patience the children must have had to create this is amazing. The message the movie gives about becoming more green should stay in everyone's hearts!

    carole davis

  2. Really enjoyed watching this film well done to all the children involved. Im sure that there was a lot of hard work involved.


  3. Well done to all the children involved in this animation, you can tell you have worked very hard on this the detail is fab. Hope you win .


  4. I think the film was really good. The chidren who are involved should be very proud of themselves.


  5. Well done everyone for working really hard to make a fantastic film - from the scenery to the voice overs - absolutely brilliant. Everyone is Burntisland is so proud of what you have achieved.

    Marlene Joyce

  6. I really enjoyed "Binn Bunny Goes Green" . Well done to all the children who worked really hard to achieve this. The environment is such an important issue and what a fun way to learn about it together. I am sure it has created a bond they well never forget.

    Gayle Thomson

  7. i really enjoyed watching this well done what a lot of hard work and a great wee story hope u win u deserve to.


  8. Excellant, I know the kids worked really hard and enjoyed every minute of this. Well done kids and well done to Liz Whatmore...what an inspiration x


  9. Well Done Kids ..Awesome...Funny and Informative..

    Derek T

  10. I found the colours, the characters and the story very captivating. Well done for putting this film together to everyone involved.


  11. i enjoyed it i hope we win


  12. i was the voice of the bee


  13. i thougut mrs whatmore was a great experance for evreyone she was fantastic and so was david and stacey and the film was fantastic it was so long to make my best friend emily was the squirrl


  14. Watch out Pixar! This film is fantastic. Loads of creativity, a real message and evidence that the team must have worked really well together. If they've learned this much in one term I'd love to see what they could create if any of them go on to film making in the future.
    I think that squirrrel is destined for hollywood..."my make-up's melting!"
    Great job...deserve to win.


  15. best movie in the WORLD!!!!!!


  16. Excellent movie, my children love it, well done to everyone involved at Burntisland Primary, you have got to win, its the best.

    Cecilia Buttery

  17. Thank yoy for making the movie. We thought it was: fab, awesome, amazing, extreme, excellent, phenomenal, spectacular, speechless, extraordinary and we really enjoyed watching it. Good luck.

    p3/4 Abernethy

  18. Loved the film. Great to see kids getting really involved in something like this and with such an important message too. Well done to Liz, I wish I had had a teacher like her when I was at school, it would have been much more fun.
    Good luck on the night. Nick Park beware.

    Sandra & Stuart

  19. I love it its the best moive ever.whish you luck

    ross and ben pupils of burtisland and brother billy.

  20. we think the movie is great

    Jade & Owen

  21. Working with Mrs Whatmore, Chaz (Whatmore), David and Stacy was great the movie was great and Im dissapointed that we only came 2nd place. O'well can't win every thing I woud recomend it to younger kids :)

    Michael Plain (binn)

  22. Oh My God! That awkward moment when I stubble across this on youtube and
    remember playing Binn Bunny in primary five :3 Those were good times. Voice
    have changed a lot over the last 5-6 years... Have to say I miss working
    with Mrs Whatmore on this...

    HD Gaming

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