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The First Light Awards 2012 - Winner of Audience Award

  • Production organisation Suited and Booted Studios CIC
  • Date completed 04 November 2011
  • Location Bath
  • Region South West

PLAY What does this mean?

Dan is young and dreams of love. Flicking between two worlds of fantasy and real-life, we feel his pain of unrequited love. As the narrative comes to a close, Dan’s love is left unsaid and unknown, except between him and the audience.

Length 4’ 14”
Aged 15-18

Comments on Beloved

  1. brilliant

    julie todd

  2. Pictures certainly paint a thousand words, and a thousand feelings too. Well done.

    sue east

  3. sensitive and very moving


  4. This is a very nicely constructed film, with an impressive use of post-production. Beloved demonstrates a real understanding of cinematography to match mood and narrative.

    John Carr - MGM HD

  5. Very moving piece, capturing delicate love emotions perfectly. Very nicely shot. Well done!


  6. Good work!!!!


  7. Nice editing work and good emotional feel. great work guys espicially paddy hall because he is a beastly videographer.


  8. wow i? really love the little twist at the end!!!!!!


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