Another Day Another Fight


  • Production organisation Grey Coat Hospital School
  • Date completed 01 October 2003
  • Location London
  • Region London

As Amy arrives late for school we see that she stands out from the rest of the class – her hair and clothes are different. Stacey, the class bully, trips up Amy and the rest of the class laughs, but Sophie doesn’t see the joke. The teacher arrives and tells the class about the start of a peer counselling project – which none of the girls seem interested in. Later, we see Amy in the toilets, clearly upset, but Sophie’s attempts to talk are unsuccessful. As Amy leaves, Sophie looks at the package she has discarded in the bin and discovers a pregnancy testing kit. When Sophie sees Stacey beating up Amy, she tells her to stop becuase Amy is pregnant. Without her friends to back her up, Stacey runs away and Amy confides in Sophie that the test was negative. Later Amy appears at the peer councelling project where Sophie reveals that she, too, once thought she was pregnant.

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  1. I can tell a lot of thought went into the script...good work!

    Mawaan Rizwan

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