Animated Hove

Animation , Experimental , Fantasy Adventure , Films by under 12s

  • Production organisation Carousel
  • Date completed 06 May 2008
  • Location Brighton
  • Region South

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This imaginative animation takes you into a kaleidoscope world where you follow the journey of a little girl searching for a spinning top. Objects from Hove Museum’s memorabilia collection inspired the young filmmakers, who have a variety of learning disabilities, to complete a project as a team.
Length 02’ 23”
Aged 8-11

Comments on Animated Hove

  1. I stumbled on this film just now. Amazing colours and I love the imaginations of the film makers who created the story. It really feels like the film makers own the film. I can't stop watching it! Thanks to all of you.

    Stuart Heaton

  2. An extraordinary effort. Very atmospheric and extremely colourful. The soundtrack is amazing and perfectly matches the exquisite action. Quite beautiful.

    John Bell

  3. its an amazing film, and we never get tired of watching it. Well done everyone x

    samantha evans

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