A Single Trace

5 out of 5 stars


  • Production organisation NW Rotherham Education Action Zone
  • Date completed 04 August 2009
  • Location Rotherham
  • Region Yorkshire & Humberside

PAUSE What does this mean?

Through a series of flashbacks & intricate overlays, a young girl pieces together the day she last saw her friend, Danny. Today she is attending his wake. How do teenagers cope with death? Conflicting emotions from blame to denial rage; Feelings of devastation as friendships are torn apart by a mindless act of violence. This atmospheric short portrays the tender relationship between two young people and is set against a dark and dangerous gang culture.
Length 07’ 56”
Aged 12-14

Comments on A Single Trace

  1. A deep and meaningful film that is very thought provoking. I feel that it would be a good example of a film to be shown to teenagers within their education. Excellent production from the script to the acting. I hope it goes on to win an award.


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