A Mile in Our Shoes


The First Light Awards 2012 - The Young Voice Award nominee

  • Production organisation Middlesbrough Football Club Study Support
  • Date completed 27 April 2011
  • Location Middlesbrough
  • Region North East

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The average age of a young carer in the UK is 12. This is a poignant & moving tribute to those many young carers tending to parents or siblings or both. They manage the domestic needs of a household as well as the physical needs of those they are caring for. They sometimes care for more than one family member with ailments ranging from autism to muscular dystrophy.With a constant lack of understanding from the rest of the world, no wonder there is little time for sleep let alone a social life.
Length 10’ 31”
Aged 11-16

Comments on A Mile in Our Shoes

  1. Brilliant news-these are young people are truly inspirational well done!

    Lawrence McAnelly

  2. What a fantastic film highlighting the role and the impact of being a young carer. It has really opened my eyes to these often hidden young people who do a fantastic job and take on so much responsibility at such a young age.

    This gets my vote!


  3. What an amazing video that truely shows what young carers all across the nation have to deal with on a daily basis. A group of inspirational young people who thoroughly deserve this award! Good Luck!!

    Katie Brooks

  4. Very well researched on a popular local topic.

    Peter Grant

  5. This is an honest, emotional, and eyeopening rollercoaster of a documentary that raises awareness around the issues young carers face. My praise goes out to the young carers who have shared their real life experiances to make this movie. They truly are an amazing and inspirational group of young people.

    Well done, brilliant and good luck!!!!


  6. A truley incredible, moving film that left me speechless, this is a brilliant insight into what young carer's have to deal with on a day to day basis showing there strength and courage at such young ages.

    Definatley gets my vote ... always my winners :)

    Hayley Vasey

  7. These young people deserve to win they have put up with a lot through life and they deserve the credit this video is so insprational as I am a young carer myself and this video will increase the amount of support too these young people good luck young carers!x


  8. These young people deserve to win they have put up with a lot through life and they deserve the credit this video is so insprational as I am a young carer myself and this video will increase the amount of support too these young people good luck young carers!x


  9. A realy good short movie that highlights what we young carers have to do
    In our daily lives
    Gets my vote

    cloe walker

  10. An inspirational and moving film which clearly highlights how life is for young carers. Well done to the courageous young people who managed to bring the issues young carers face on a daily basis alive. Good luck I really hope you win!!

    Frances White

  11. This video has really opened my eyes and now I have realised that some people take advantage of life as these young people take up there own time too look after there own siblings this video is very emotional and this cause effects me and my family, I really do hope these young people win they deserve it!x


  12. This movie is fantastic, when I was younger one of my siblings was diagnosed and I never had the support of such a wonderfull team, this movie would show awareness of young carers as when I was younger I did not know I was one, if anyone has a heart to agree with me they should vote as this move is just so emotional and has opened my eyes to success in the future, this has my vote definetly!!

    Chloe lee

  13. simply the best

    carol pettite

  14. This has opened my eyes to see how much Younge carers give their childhood up to help the ones they love this will definetly be getting my vote good luck you deserve it. x


  15. This movie is makes a massive impact,its honest, inspirational and it only has young people in it.

    Got my vote


  16. This is a really lovely film and whilst informative and educational it is simply such an inspration and massive reminder that children and young people, you can be and are so resourceful and brilliant! The emotion it creates means that you have helped people understand... a massive achievement.

    I really believe that you have opened up with true integrity, care and courage... you really deserve to win!!

    Well done to the young carers in this film and to those who supported them with this project.

    Tim Gristwood

  17. A very moving and remarkable film. The young people were (and are) amazing. We all worry about trivial things, when behind closed doors these young people have so much to cope with at such a young age. They (and their families) should be very proud.

    Sue Burniston

  18. This movie is so effective, it really shines a light on young carers lives. This movie does a fantastic job of showing an audience how hard simple domestic tasks can be for those who care!

    Sophie S

  19. A brilliant emotional film 100% gets my vote x


  20. this is a very inspirational movie it shows how great these children are and how much they go through.The junction is where they have fun and my friend, she loves it and i'm sure all the others do to. It's great what they are doing for these people. If i was going to vote, they would get mine!!!!


  21. This movie show how much effert they put in to looking after the ones they love. It does an amazing job of showing us how hard it is to look after there love ones. Good Luck x


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