A Day in the Life of Eddie

5 out of 5 stars


  • Production organisation Brighton & Hove Young Carers
  • Date completed 30 September 2007
  • Location Brighton
  • Region South

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Eddie is a schoolboy athlete who dreams of competing at the 2012 Olympics. On the day of the all-important team trials, Eddie has a problem. His mum, who has ME, is too ill to get out of bed so Eddie must look after his little sister for the day. He begins the long ring round to see who can baby-sit. Will Eddie get one step nearer to his dream?
Length 03’ 23”
Aged 10-15

For more information on this condition, please go to Action for M.E. the UK’s leading charity dedicated to improving the lives of people with M.E.

Comments on A Day in the Life of Eddie

  1. This film is brilliant - a deserved winner of the FL Award 2009 for Best Animation


  2. In such a simple way it gets across the emptiness and loneliness that M.E brings. The lack of help and support. The sadness of so many lost childhoods. Well Done!


  3. fantastic film, it gets the point accross how difficult a young carers life can be so challenging. Too many childhoods are robbed from unfortunate circumstances.


  4. Great video,? covers lots of issues


  5. Great video,? covers lots of issues


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