Exhibition and Distribution

Exhibition and Distribution

“The more I can demonstrate the successes of films funded by First Light, the more likely the scheme is to benefit young people in the future”

Charlotte Dolman, Exhibition and Distribution Manager

First Light is embracing the many exhibition & distribution opportunities that are available today. As well as the traditional international and national film festivals and broadcasters, there are a multitude of other platforms to get the films seen.
As we grow an ever larger back catalogue and the landscape for exhibiting films across all platforms is changing so rapidly, we feel an increased focus on exhibition is necessary, not just to raise the profile of First Light itself but principally to give better, and more comprehensive support to the grass roots organisations that we fund.

First Light films are selected for exhibition and distribution using all of the following editorial criteria:

  • Production values
  • Creativity
  • Strong story
  • Relevance to wider agendas
  • Appeal to festivals, broadcasters and the FLM Awards
  • Marketability
  • Audience

Please note, due to capacity, it is impossible for First Light to promote all the films it funds.

Success Stories

Having the film screened is the pinnacle of its success as a project. It’s the culmination of months of hard work in which the young people and adults alike, celebrate their achievements with a party – The Premiere!
For many years, First Light films have won awards and scooped prizes at film festivals nationally & internationally. The films have been broadcast on the main broadcast channels as well as many online platforms. Broadcasters have become a lot more interested in First Light films due to the increasing awareness and popularity of user generated content. Some young filmmakers have gone on to pursue careers in the film industry as a result of their experiences with First Light. The digital world has opened up a multitude of platforms to share & rejoice in creative work.