Internships - where to draw the line

Internships - where to draw the line

With all the recent controversy surrounding the world of unpaid internships, it may be worth researching the do’s and dont’s before agreeing to work for free.

You should expect to receive training, dedicated supervision and flexible hours.

Some basics:

  • Unpaid internships should last no longer than 4 weeks, after this the employer should pay you at least minimum wage;
  • Your hours should be flexible;
  • The tasks you complete shouldn’t go further than shadowing or training; if the basis of your work forms ‘real value’ to the employer, than you should acquire employment rights, i.e minimum wage;
  • The employer should provide travel expenses.

Arts Council England and Creative and Cultural Skills have recently published a guide highlighting the legal obligations for employers.

A PDF can be downloaded from the following link on the right.

Guardian Careers and Creative Choices also have some useful blogs, Q&A’s and articles.

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