Google YouTube Sponsor Award for Digital Innovation

Google YouTube Sponsor Award for Digital Innovation

£1,000 for winning film

Deadline extended to Friday 1 March 2013

The YouTube Digital Innovation Award will give young people aged 18-25 the opportunity to win £1,000 towards future filmmaking projects.

Beginning in 1996, Stanford University graduate students Larry Page and Sergey Brin built a search engine called “BackRub” that used links to determine the importance of individual web pages. By 1998 they had formalized their work, creating the company you know today as Google.

Since then, Google has grown by leaps and bounds. From offering search in a single language, it now offers dozens of products and services—including various forms of advertising and web applications for all kinds of tasks—in scores of languages. And starting from two computer science students in a university dorm room, we now have thousands of employees and offices around the world.

Larry and Sergey demonstrated fantastic innovation in the digital space in creating their search engine and Google/YouTube continue to lead digital innovation. Therefore, they are looking sponsoring an award that recognizes digital filmmaking. If you are aged 18-25, have created a short film and think that it is digitally innovative in some way, then send it on in for a chance to win.

The 3 shortlisted filmmakers will also be invited to attend the First Light Awards ceremony where the winner will be announced.


We are asking for submissions of short films, 3 minutes or under, that could be described as ‘digitally innovative’. Have you made a film that uses particularly innovative special effects? Did you have to be innovative to get certain shots or did you film in an unusual style?

To enter

Just download and complete the form on the right hand side, then send it in to us along with a DVD and Quicktime of your film.


Don’t forget that we need to receive your film and completed form by 5pm on Friday 1st March 2013 in order for you to qualify for the Digital Innovation Award.